HOSHI SMS TRADE company not paying any amount.

Dear sir/Ma’m,
I have invested 16th of august 2014 in Hoshi sms trade company Rs.2 lakhs by me and my friends. That company promised to repay everyday returns as advertised by your web. But 27th of august 2014 the company not paying any amount.

Please help me.

Chandru C.

Chandra Kumar C.

Written by Editor in Chief

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  1. DEAR SIR,

  2. caution the hoshi sms company is cheating…. BE CARFUL

  3. Hello All,

    Even I have also invested and my payouts from September first are not cleared, recently one of my friend who has also invested has informed me that the payouts are going to clear from Sep 25th, I doesnt know from where he got the information, he has also informed that as per the Plan in 100 days validity, initially we will be paid only for 30 days rest 70 days payment will be processed only after renewing the first Plan,

    This was not been present at the initial time when the plan was taken, how can they change the plan for the existing customers

    With Regards,

  4. Su estilo es tan único en equiparación con otras cosas que he enterado de otras personas.
    Muchas gracias por publicar cada vez que tienes
    la oportunidad, sólo marcaré este sitio tal

  5. Dear All,

    We have invested in Hoshsms around Rs 70,000 as per their business plan. But we have received the payment one time only . Afterwards the company not credited any amounts to our account.

    We have contacted Hoshisms leaders MLM Bashar and other peoples but we not received any amounts and got poor response them.

    Please help to get my investment.


  6. This is Fake company, Please do not invest…..I loosed Rs60000/

  7. these are all cheating companies, Nothing comes free, No short cuts in life….if you want to make money hard work is the best way………please do not listen to these type MLM so called advisers….all bhogus

  8. Kareem

    I am from in karnatka in chikamglore magundi sir I pay in hoshi sms in agust 4 2014 .I mony not required in hoshi that company gamling poor people pls all hosi costmer to going agents pls help me regarded


  9. From yesterday the login of hoshisms getting error.
    Please concerned officer take action against them and help us


  11. dear sir

    pls help us i amalso investing to hoshisms but this company not payed any amount pls help us .2 lakhs is my investment.

  12. hi frnds dnt invest to.CapitalEarn they r nt giving crediting payments its useless company plz dnt invest me n my frnds invested 2lakhs this bogus company nt even credit single payment also, Don’t Believe dis Capital earn…

  13. We have invested more den 4 lakhs in Hoshisms dnt invest& Capitalearn. New members dnt join to Capitalearn & Hoshisms all bogus bogus n faurd companies

  14. please complain about website in the following link.


    It is a online complaint system

    The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant.

    Hoshi has collected a lot of money from investors.It is a Big Scam

  15. pls help us i amalso investing to hoshisms but this company not payed any amount pls help us . 1lakhs is my investment.

  16. Be careful…… do not invest money here…..I lost 60000 rupees. cheating company……… could you please suggest, how will we take a legal action against hoshi sms.

  17. The Hoshi sms trade company people’s advertised in his website 7th October submit to bank the audit report n 25th October we will start payments but no payments made n no response from the company. I have sent mail to their mail id so many times but no reply.
    Please help concerned Police or authority ir government


  18. Friends it is not the problem to investing the money to Hoshisms. . The problem is how to recover already invested money. .
    Please think for recover from that company

  19. dont invest money please these are fraud company…i have invested 400000 .they are paying now….stupid fraud lofer company..i wil kill them.defnetly they wil get aids….dengue….all diseases..

  20. Friends who invested to this company please file a complaint against this company mention Bank account number to seize the amount deposited in the Bank accounts of Hoshisms trade in Cyber crime branch
    I am also filing compaint in Cyber crime mysore

  21. Friends who invested to this company please file a complaint against this company mention Bank account number to seize the amount deposited in the Bank accounts of Hoshisms trade in Cyber crime branch
    I am also filing compaintnis Cyber crime mysore.


  22. Any one filed complaint……..?

  23. hoshi sms fake company. am also invested

  24. I have also invested in HOSHISMS.
    I did not get anything back.
    What can be done now?
    I have some hoshi credits..but how to get cash?
    Let us all fight together.

  25. I have invest end Rs. 14,000.00 in Hoshisms and for a week I cold open their website. Now it is showing a different message that the Company will be converted to a Pvt Ltd Company. Please do not trust these Company’s further Campaigns of returning high returns. Ravikumar. M. 93419 49672

  26. Hi I am also loss my money. How to recover the money.
    I need help. Before Hoshi I have 35000 in my pocket but now I have only 500. This is too bad to my life. i am not rich person. I am in chennai. I am job seeker. I loos my life. It s very bad. Bye.. pls don’t believe this type of company and MLM in life long. My mail id :

  27. Am madhu from karnataka
    realy it is fake cmpany .i lost 2lakh.plz take a action .to releas all poor people s investmst .i dont hv extra benifits.plz plz

  28. I have filed complaint against Hoshi in Cyber police.
    Some Bombay person open this company for getting money.
    So friends who are invested this company please file your complaint to return your money to cyber police.

  29. Sir pls help me iam also invested money.

  30. Pls help me


  32. Hello chandra kumar C plz call me

  33. Pls riturn my money.

  34. Hi… Chandra Kumar..

    How to file complaint in Cyber Police? If v file complaint, do v get back out investment? bcz i have lost almost 1 lakh

  35. Dear sir/madam.
    My self sadikbasha.. I have invested hoshisms around 44000 and 5600 . And my friends also invested around 1.5laks. But still now that webside not opened and their is no feedback from them. So please help to us. How to get our money and how to complaint against them..

    Thank you…. Help us

  36. Dear friends ,i have invested 1.5 lakhs in hoshisms.com.In the next they stopped returns.Utterly they cheated the public.They must be punished severly.Now a days in hightech era one can not escape.Come all members together and hunt them through cyber crime department.weshuold destroy them and thier families ruthlesly legal authorities.There are exelent investigating officers are doing justise to puplic in mumbai ,maharastra.Take all three a/c nos.they have got thier address and amounts put into the paper.And go to nearby consumer court and cyber crime police and register a case against the coy.next step i will let you know.I am ready ,are you ready?9951429595.

  37. Ho God i also invested 4 Lakhs please help me to recover the money
    my contact no 09445236111

  38. friends even and 4 of my friends also invisted in hoshisms,
    if any information pleasre drop me the messages

  39. we should not let them to repeat again. and this punishment should be appicable to all who are cheating in online ,,

  40. Hi Kiran
    I m also lost 2lakh in Hoshisms markieting what is the next step dude kindly contact me 9945706106

  41. sir.i deposit rs:50200/- refund any idea?

  42. I have invested Rs. six lakh in Hoshi, no returns or money. kindly help.

  43. entha company owner mattum yen kaila kedachan avan sethan dai mavane ni oru ammavuku poranthiruntha yenga kitta vaa da pakkalam…….. i am waiting da mavane

  44. Even i have invested around 70,000 and i haven’t got even a single rupee. Today i.e. 16-Mar-2015 my friend got a message stating that “Hoshi SMS” as been successfully registered in India and we are back. God knows why they are back and what this company is upto.. when I logged in to check the website “Thank you for awaiting. We are gladly informing you that Hoshi SMS is successfully registered in India named as Hoshi SMS Private Limited. From April 1st, 2015 we will launch again. Till that we wants to re-communicate with our investors. For the link up process we request you to please Link your Unique 12 digit AADHAAR number with your Hoshi SMS account or valid government documents of Identity Proof,Address Proof like election Id, passport, PAN Card, Driving License by submitting soft copy of these documents for verification. After that you have to deposit 20% of your whole product price in company’s CA account to start link-up with company’s account. After transferring the amount please email to support@hoshisms.com with your HoshiSMS UserName, payment transaction number & your valid Id proof. Within 24 hours we will refund 5% back into your bank account to complete the link-up process. You have to complete this verification process between 15th to 30th March,2015. Once again thanks to all of you for awaiting” this is the message they have put.. Please be careful friends.. Do not invest and oost the money again..

  45. aisa hi hota hai lalach me aakar galat companies ke sath aa jate h..sir g bina kare duniya me kuch nhi milta aur aap log to carorpati banna cha rhe the….

  46. Hoshi sms is a chatting I have lose 1 lack rupes

  47. We have to give complaints, cheating more than 155 Crores,

  48. Police people telling no one ready to complaints so we can’t action pls start giving complaints , we can take actions
    If you give more 200 complaints, it’s easy for them,

  49. sir myself jayanth from karnataka, i was having so much of hopes and i took (private intrest 5% loan) in outside and invested for this cheating company, even today also every month i have been paying the intrest for that amount, and more than six month over’d but i didn’t get even the single ruppee from his company. i don’t know what i do for this, so pls help me to get back my investment please.

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