Fraud MLM Firm Busted, five arrested.

Latest MLM News India : The Koramangala police in conjunction with officers of the Central Crime Branch busted the international multi-level selling (MLM) company QNet and inactive 5 persons UN agency were assembling lakhs of rupees from the gullible folks promising foreign journeys and better returns.

Based on a grievance filed by a victim, Nitin Vaidya, police officers from Koramangala searched a eating house and inactive Sanjay Suri (32) and U. Nikil Santosh Kumar (29) from Telangana, Naren Sharma (28) from Himachal Pradesh, Susheel Shanghvi (34) from Mumbai and Prashath Kumar (34) from Kerala and recovered six mobile phones, a car, a motorcycle and Rs. 11,510 from them.

According to the police the suspect — engineering, master’s degree and MCA graduates, UN agency were a part of the QNet chain-link company primarily based in port — had lured mister. Vaidya to take a position Rs. 7.8 hundred thousand promising a visit to London and conjointly assured high rate of commission for obtaining additional members into the corporate. However, Mr. Vaidya claimed that he was neither sent to the trip nor they came his cash following that he approached the police on Gregorian calendar month ten. On questioning, the suspect confessed that they need conjointly been cheated however they set to induce additional members to the company’s fold to recover their quantity. The police square measure investigation to trace the prime suspect, primarily based outside the country.

The suspect

were a part of

the QNet chain-link company primarily based

in port Source :-

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